CAN YOU BUILD CRATES TO A CUSTOM SIZE?  Yes, no problem.  Please contact us for pricing.

ARE YOUR CRATES AVAILABLE IN ANY STORES?  Yes, but only locally.  RAINY DAY RECORDS (Olympia, WA).  GEORGETOWN RECORDS (Seattle, WA), HAWTHORNE STEREO (Seattle, WA).  If you live in the area direct sales are best so I am happy to deliver to you if you are in the Olympia/Seattle/Portland area.  You can also buy direct at my shop location in Olympia, WA. 

CAN I GET A DISCOUNT IF I BUY A LOT OF CRATES?  Unfortunately the short answer is no.   Buying in quantity doesn't really help ORC.  Profit margins are already very low and it is unfeasible to sell for less.  I use high quality and costly materials and put a lot of labor into hand building each crate.  Please keep in mind that a very significant portion of what you pay for a crate goes toward shipping.  My goal is to offer a great product for fellow vinyl lovers.

DO YOU OFFER DIFFERENT COLOR/STAIN OPTIONS?  Sorry but ORC currently only offers crates in the natural birch color.  The plywood I buy to make the crates is pre-finished.  It is an excellent finish - very durable and aesthetically pleasing.   Unfortunately, there are no cost effective alternatives to birch available pre-finished.  If we were to stain and top-coat the plywood ourselves, the amount of labor involved in producing a crate would nearly double and thus the price would become quite prohibitiveThat said, if you really want something different contact me and I can give you a quote.